Arizona Citrus

Fruit growing in Arizona became commercial viable only after the completion of the Roosevelt Dam in 1911. At that time, a whole new era began in Central Arizona's grape and citrus growing region. Since then, citrus acreage has continued to increase. With the help of California's Sunkist Growers cooperative of Arizona - California, a great deal of development took place in national and international marketing of Arizona desert grown citrus fruits. The Arizona citrus industry began in the 1890s with plantings north of Phoenix.

One opinion is that "no Arizona citrus labels should be below $20, because there are so few of any of them. And, I tend to agree. There are not that many known Arizona citrus labels, about 300 or so, and of these, there are no large quantities of any of them currently known. That is in comparison to southern California's thousands of available labels, most in fair quantities.

(Aside from citrus labels, I have a great many vegetable and melon labels from Arizona, as well.)

Here is a list of the only ones I have for sale at this time.

american desert or shield w/ view of cactus, desert mesa Los Angeles 40.00

ariz-glo or angry indian on horse looks out at train mesa 125.00

blue goose grft blue goose ; inste winter sweet label Los Angeles 15.00

blue goose grft blue goose ; inste sunny mesa label Los Angeles 25.00

caledonia grft thistle frond w/ 5 flowers on tartan placentia 15.00

chuckles fruit cartoon laughing face, w/ jumbled title tempe 45.00

farm belle citrus sillhouette of girl w/ bonnet, ribbons Los Angeles 25.00

four "a" citrus small block blu / ylo intersecting titles mesa 50.00

mature citrus title over rippled wood bkgnd; on blk mesa 15.00

McKellips grft red zig zags, grft, titles on blk mesa 35.00

red z (arizona) lem red title w/ Z over airbrush blue on blk mesa 50.00

sun devil citrus red devil w/ pitchfork runs across desert mesa 35.00

sunny mesa lem road in front of bungalow, tree, valley gr mesa 15.00

sweet 'n juicy citrus slant title on red; inset of mtn grove phoenix 40.00

sweet 'n juicy citrus slant title on red; inset of mtn grove tempe 20.00

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