Now becoming one of the most popular types of collectible labels, pear labels from California date back to the early 1920s, and represent many different art styles and images.

California pear labels come from many regions of the state. The most prominent of these are Lake and Mendocino counties, Placer, Nevada and El Dorado counties, the Sacramento River region around Courtland and Rio Vista, the Suisun Valley, Contra Costa county (near Walnut Creek), and the Santa Clara Valley. Pears were also grown elsewhere throughout the state, but, not in the same concentrations as in these regions. There are over 700 pear label varieties known from California. About a third of these are listed here. Many labels for pears were re-used and re-designed over the years, and many of these variations are barely worth mentioning. Other labels are so rare, we don't list them here.

In the early years of popular collecting (1970s-80s) on the Pacific coast, most collectors did not care much for pear labels. Today, however, most of them have begun collecting these as well. California pear labels are the favorite of the author, and have been the main focus of my many years of research.

There is so much history still undocumented about the agricultural regions of California, that very little can be gone into here. In the future, much more research will need to be done to document all of it. Being one the largest states in America, and being the most agrarian state in the Union, there are countless volumes of history to be recorded. This is on top of the already countless volumes that HAVE been recorded. As American states go, California has a rather young commercial history. Prior to the Gold Rush of the 1850s, virtually no agriculture was practiced here. Since then, agriculture has historically been the leading economic factor in the California economy.

There are about 200 pear labels listed here. Someone asked me about showing all of them in color picture form, but that would mean the page would take about an hour to load on most machines. So, the descriptions will have to do for right now. If you are serious about certain labels, give me a call and we can discuss! -- Pat

Please note the last "number" is the price. So, if it says "3" that means "$3.00"

"A","4/5","3 pears18 leaves","San Juan Bautista","4.00"

"A.B. Humphrey","46 lbs","title, pear on woodgrain","San Francisco","12.00"

"Airdrome","46","ylo/wht title on blue label","Sunnyvale","5.00"

"Airdrome","4/5 blkout","ylo/wht title on red label","Sunnyvale","3.00"

"Airdrome","4/5","ylo/wht title on blue label","Sunnyvale","3.00"

"Airdrome","4/5","ylo/wht title on blue label","San Jose","3"

"Aloha Farms","4/5","wht title above Mt. Diablo/oak tree; 1 pr","Bancroft","15"

"American Maid","46","D-235,(555); or/blu/wht","L.A.","5"

"American Maid","46","D-233; or/blu/wht","Lodi","5"

"Anaco","46","single pear, limb, 3 leaves on blue","San Francisco","10"

"Auburn","46 lbs","blk label w/ 2 pears, grn title","Auburn","15"

"Ballerina","no","dancer w/ 2 guitarists","Visalia","15"

"Bartlett Pears","22lbs","title in big arrow pointing at two pears","Walnut Grove",""

"Bee-n","46 lbs","red/wht title over 2 pears; bee logo","San Jose","5"

"Big City ""California Bartlett Pears""","4/5","title over city skyline; rider logo","Sacto.","5"

"Big City ", "Placerville""","46 lbs","title over city skyline; rider logo","Sacto.","5"

"Big City (strip label)","46 lbs","title over city skyline; rider logo","Sacto.","5"

"Big Game","46 lbs","Stanford football player/stadium (1934)","Walnut Grove","18"

"Big Jim","4/5","cartoon image of Jim Caviglia","Sunnyvale","8"

"Blazing Star","46","ylo title over inset ylo/grn flowers","Kelseyville","10"

"Blazing Star","4/5","ylo title over inset ylo/grn flowers","Kelseyville","5"

"Blazing Star","strip 46","ylo title over inset ylo/grn flowers","Kelseyville","5"

"Blue Anchor","46","blue anchor in ylo cir. plain grn bkgnd","Sacto.","5"

"Blue Circle","46 lbs","blu cir, red logo, 2 prs, ""Suisun Valley""","San Francisco","15"

"Blue Circle","4/5","blu cir, red logo, 2 prs, ""Placer County""","San Francisco","5"

"Blue Goose","46 lbs","blue goose on oran label ""Danielson's""","Los Angeles","10"

"Blue Goose","46 lbs","blue goose on oran label ""Mt. Konocti""","Los Angeles","3"

"Blue Goose","46 lbs","blue goose on oran label (D-248)","Los Angeles","6"

"Blue Goose","46 lbs","blue goose on oran label (D-248)","Lodi","4"

"Blue Parrot","46 over 48","blue parrot on limb, blossoms, flag","San Francisco","25"

"Blue Parrot","strip","blue parrot on limb, blossoms, flag","San Francisco","20"

"Bounty","46 lbs","red/blu title on yellow label","San Francisco","3"

"Buck","46 lbs","buck deer, lake,mtn, trees, prs, grn brdrs","San Francisco","35"

"Buckingham","46 lbs","cowboy riding pig","Vacaville","8"

"Butte","strip","red title, greenish sky, rocky buttes","Hamilton City","15"

"Buy The Best","4/5","blk label w/ 2 prs, blu ribbon, SRA logo","Sacto.","5"

"Buy The Best","46 lbs","3 pears on Schmidt's most popular stock","Sacto.","5"

"Cal-Chief","46 lbs","mean indian chief looks left","Suisun","30"

"Cal-Junior","46 lbs","indian boy w/ tomahawk by river","Suisun","30"

"California Beauty","46 lbs","4 roses, 1 pear on blue label","Fresno","10"

"California Fruit Exchange","","blue strip label w/ grapes, 3 fruits","Loomis","10"

"Camel","4/5","arab w/ camel, sun, palms","Loomis","5"

"Capital Pak","46 lbs","Calif. state capitol bldg (15 types)","Sacto.","8"

"Capital Pak "" Mountain / Calif. Barts.""","46 lbs","Calif. state capitol bldg","Sacto.","8"

"Colfax","46 lbs","wht title, 3 pears on blue label","Colfax","5"

"Colfax F.G.A.","46 lbs","red title on ylo; blu ribbon, mtn, 2 prs","Colfax","5"

"Color-Ful","46 lbs","3 pears hang from ulhc, title on blk","Upper Lake","5"

"Color-Ful","strip","3 pears hang from ulhc, title on blk","Upper Lake","5"

"Covered Wagon","4/5","grn wagon, 2 men, 4 oxen","Newcastle","10"

"Daily","4/5","title over calendar, 2 pears on left","Courtland","5"

"Danielson's Bartletts","46","wht titles on red, orch, Danielson's house","Suisun","15"

"Di Giorgio","4/5","wht title on blue, above 2 pears","San Francisco","5"

"Diablo Gold","46 lbs","red/glod title over mottled blue bkgnd","Sacto.","8"

"Diamond S","46","2 horseheads above title, 2 pears","Hood","5"

"Don Juan","46 lbs","wht title on red; round inset of pear","San Juan Bautista","5"

"Donner","4/5","Donner lake & old Hiway 80 bridge","Auburn","8"

"Double Eagle","46 lbs","2 prs, 2 griffins, story around edges","San Jose","15"

"Eagle","46 lbs","eagle, red title, 2 pears on blu/ylo","Santa Clara","5"

"Eagle","strip","eagle, red title, 2 pears on blu/ylo","Santa Clara","5"

"Elmwood","4/5 bu","red title on grn; below 2 pears","Sacto.","5"

"Embarcadero","46 lbs","pier, gulls, boat / pears / orchard scene","San Jose","8"

"Embarcadero","22 / strip","pier, gulls, boat / pears / orchard scene","San Jose","8"

"Fancy California Mountain Bartletts","","(*see Penryn Fruit Co.)","Penryn",""

"Forever First","4/5","3 pears w/ holly sprigs on blk","Sacto.","10"

"Freitas ""Pears""","30","two pears on branch, field scene, mtns","San Juan Bautista","6"

"Gem","46 lbs","wht/ylo title above 1 pear (blu box)","Sacto.","5"

"Gold Circle ""Suisun Valley""","46 lbs","title in circle, 2 pears, logo, on blu","San Francisco","8"

"Gold Crest","46 lbs","title over shield w/ horse, ribbons","Sacto.","10"

"Gold Crest","4/5","red/gold title on blue; shield w/ helmet","San Francisco","4"

"Gold Nugget","4/5","gold title on blue label, 2 pears, 4 lvs","San Francisco","3"

"Gold Nugget ""Colfax...""","46 lbs","gold title on blue label, 2 pears, 4 lvs","San Francisco","8"

"Gold Wing","46 lbs","2 prs, gold wings on blk label","Sonoma","8"

"Golden Range","46 lbs","gold title on blue label","San Francisco","6"

"H","46 lbs","H in triangle; 3 pears on blue","San Juan Bautista","5"

"Have One!","4/5","ylo title, real hand holds real pear","Courtland","6"

"Hi-Flavor","","one pear with leaves on yellow background","Marysville","3"

"High Hand","46 lbs","blue label, hand w/ 4 aces (No ""pears"")","Loomis","15"

"High Hand","46 lbs","blue label, hand w/ 4 aces","Loomis","8"

"High Hand ""PEARS""","","blue label, hand w/ 4 aces","Loomis","8"

"High Hill, Baxter's","4/5","ylo title on blue","Placerville","3"

"High Spot","46 lbs","red/wht title on blk","Sacto.","5"

"Hustler","46 lbs","boy selling newspapers","Courtland","12"

"Island","46 lbs","stone print. Island w/ foliage & birds","Grand Island","30"

"J.E. Noia","gorgeous stone print, orchard scene","","Newcastle","25"

"L L Co. (Low Lun)","46 lbs","3 pears on unusually designed borders","Suisun","35"

"Lady of the Lake","strip","woman w/ robe, pear by lakeside; mtns","Kelseyville","10"

"Lady of the Lake (lakes logo)","4/5","woman w/ robe, pear by lakeside; mtns","Kelseyville","15"

"Lady of the Lake (Lakes logo)","strip","woman w/ robe, pear by lakeside; mtns","Kelseyville","10"

"Lake County Diamond","4/5","title above pear in diamond","Finley","5"

"Lake County Pears","46 lbs/strip","brown label w/ yellow tree center","Upper Lake","5"

"Lake Gold","4/5","title on blue panel; Leaps Ahead","Sacto.","5"

"Lake Ridge","46 lbs","red title, 2 pears, pines, lake, orchard","Kelseyville","15"

"Lakecove","46 lbs (red)","boy fishing by tree","Finley","10"

"Lakecove","strip","boy fishing by tree","Finley","10"

"Life","4/5 on bottom","man in river fishing, trout","Walnut Grove","10"

"Life","strip","man in river fishing, trout","Walnut Grove","8"

"Lolilla","46","gold title on blu ; red brdrs","Finley","4"

"M-Z","46 lbs","red info on black (ugly)","San Francisco","2"

"Maggio ""Placer County...""","4/5","M on shield, blue ribbon, 2 pears","Lodi","10"

"Maggio ""Selected .....""","24 lbs / strip","M on shield, blue ribbon, 2 pears","Lodi","4"

"Magic Lake","4/5","2 egrets in lake by forest","Sacto.","25"

"Magic Lake","46 lbs","overprinted onto Blue Anchor logo label","Sacto.","7"

"Mariposa","44","butterfly on flowers","San Francisco","25"

"Market","46","big basket of 8 pears on blue","Courtland","65"

"Maryka","4/5","girl in oval inset, oran bkgnd","Kelseyville","10"

"McCormack","22 / strip","ylo/blk checkerboard, red title, 2 prs","Rio Vista","6"

"McCormack on the square","4/5","red/blk checkerboard, ylo title, 2 prs","Walnut Grove","6"

"McCurdy","46 lbs","Lick observatory on Mt. Hamilton; moon","San Jose","10"

"Mendo Mount","4/5","2 pears, pines under mountain","Ukiah","6"

"Merry Maker","46 lbs","pine boughs; bowl w/ 6 pears","Sacto.","10"

"Mt. Diablo Fruit Farm","46","boy w/ poppies, pears, Mt. Diablo","Bancroft","40"

"Mt. Konocti","4/5","Indian chief praying, t-pee, squaw,orchard","Kelseyville","15"

"Mt. Lassen","46 lbs","smoking Mt. Lassen volcano","Hamilton City","15"

"Mt. Lassen","strip","smoking Mt. Lassen volcano","Hamilton City","10"

"Mt. Shasta","strip","Mt. Shasta, ylo sky, blu forest","Hamilton City","6"

"Mt. Shasta","4/5 bu","Mt. Shasta, ylo sky, blu forest","Hamilton City","12"

"My-o-my ""How Refreshing""","neat lettering title on blue","","Walnut Grove","4"

"Nob Hill","46 lbs","Mark Hopkins hotel on Nob Hill, cable car","San Francisco","14"

"Nob Hill","4/5 bu","Mark Hopkins hotel on Nob Hill, cable car","San Francisco","8"

"Oh Yes! We Grow The Best","4/5","title in triangle, 2 pears","San Francisco","4"

"Old Orchard","4/5","red title; bronze/blk label-girls in orch","Santa Clara","10"

"Our Pick","46 lbs","wht chichen pecks bowl of fruit","Loomis","7"

"Out of the West","46 lbs","sailing ship on blue ocean at sunset","Santa Clara","15"

"Out of the West","strip","sailing ship on blue ocean at sunset","Santa Clara","8"

"Palo Alto","46 lbs","man/horse @ base of huge redwood","Santa Clara","10"

"Palo Alto","strip","man/horse @ base of huge redwood","Santa Clara","5"

"Peacock","46 lbs","gold title, big bird, red info, blk label","Sacto.","25"

"Peacock","4/5","blue top/bird in blk strip / blu bottom","Sacto.","5"

"Peacock","4/5","big bird, lt. blue borders","Sacto.","8"

"Peacock","4/5","blue top/bird in blk strip / blu bottom","Sacto.","5"

"Penryn Fruit Co. (bear logo)","46 lbs","2 prs, red pkr's panel, bronze info; BEAR","Penryn","15"

"Penryn Fruit Co. (Blue Anchor)","46 lbs","2 prs, red pkr's panel, bronze info","Penryn","15"

"Pioneer Special Pack","46 lbs","title on brn panel between 4 pears","Sacto.","5"

"Pioneer Special Pack","4/5 in silver","title on brn panel between 4 pears","Sacto.","5"

"Pirates Cove","46 lbs (blk)","small boat entering lake cove, mtns, trees","Finley","35"

"Pirates Cove (red text at bottom)","4/5 bu","small boat entering lake cove, mtns, trees","Finley","14"

"Placerville DARTLAND","4/5","ylo title on blue label","Placerville","5"

"Polly","46 lbs","red parrot on left, airbrush titles left","San Francisco","30"

"Poppy","46 lbs","poppy in ulhc, 2 pears on rt, red title","Santa Clara","7"

"Pride of the River","46 lbs","inset of riverboat heading for S.F bay","Locke","15"

"Quail","46 lbs","quail under ylo title, 2 logos","Sacto.","14"

"Quail","strip","quail under ylo title, 2 logos","Sacto.","8"

"Quercus ""Q"" Ranch","general","oak tree in big red Q, mountains behind","Kelseyville","10"

"QUERCUS Ranch","none","red, ylo title on Black label, 1 pear","Kelseyville","3"

"R-Ranch","4/5","red/ylo title on blue above pear","Lakeport","3"

"Rancheria","46","inset of indian village, lake, hrose","Suiusn","20"

"Red Circle","46 lbs","title in red circle; ""Suisun Valley""","San Francisco","8"

"Red Moon","4/5","orange moon rising over hills","Ukiah","10"

"Redwood Empire","strip","redwood tree and lettering. nice!","Ukiah","8"

"Rio Vista","46 lbs","limb w/ 4 pears, blu ribbon, wht title","Rio Vista","75"

"River Farms","46 lbs","vanishing title, over pear & traget","Knights Landing","25"

"River Maid","4/5 bu","girl w/ basket, windmill, boat on river","Fullerton","10"

"River Maid","4/5","girl w/ basket, windmill, boat on river","Lodi","5"

"River Maid","strip","girl w/ basket, windmill, boat on river","Fullerton","7"

"Robbins","46 lbs","birds on both side big pear","Suisun","30"

"Rose Gold","4/5","wht title above mtn, sun, orchards",Blue Goose"Yuba City","10"

"Rose Gold","4/5","wht title above mtn, sun, orchards",Blue anchor"Yuba City","5"

"Sacramento River","46 lbs","ylo title above red/ylo info on blk; 2 prs","Auburn, 95603","2"

"Sanclar","4/5","blu title over blue rays; 2 pears","San Jose","5"

"Scotty","46 lbs","2 pears, wht title on plaid!","Walnut Grove","6"

"Smiling Thru","46 lbs","sailor boy salutes thru preserver","Sacto.","20"

"Snoboy","strip","cute snoboy waving w/ red mittens","Los Angeles","4"

"Snow Crest","4/5","Mountain, pines, orchard, home. Nice!","Marysville","7"

"Snow Crest","strip","mtn, orchards, pines, home","San Francisco","5"

"Star Line","46 lbs","blue info/stars on orange bkgnd","Kelseyville","12"

"Star Point","4/5","star w/o rays center of label on blue","Kelseyville","5"

"Statue","4/5","Statue of Liberty w/ torch, anchor. Great!","Suisun","10"

"Statue","strip","Statue of Liberty w/ torch, anchor. Great!","Suisun","8"

"Stillwater","46 lbs","pool of water, tree sillouhettes. Pretty!","Hood","24"

"Streamline","","locomotive streaking across label.","San Jose","6"

"Summit","46 lbs","snow covered peaks, orchards, pines","Colfax","10"

"Summit","46 lbs","snowy mtns above title, ""mnt.apples""","Colfax","10"

"Summit","46 lbs","snowy mtns above title, ""[ empty ]""","Colfax","10"

"Sun Smile","46 lbs","Smiling face in Sun, rays, beautiful!!!","Colfax","10"

"Sun Smile","strip","Smiling face in Sun, rays, beautiful!!!","Colfax","8"

"Sunny Ridge","46 lbs","2 pears float above blossoming orchard","Stockton","12"

"Sunny Ridge","strip","2 pears float above blossoming orchard","Stockton","4"

"Sure Mark","46 lbs","tilted ylo title on red/blue label","San Francisco","5"

"Sutter Orchards","","two big pears w/ golden title.","Knights Landing","7"

"T-hacha-P","46 lbs","gorgeous orchard, mtns, sky, big pear!","Sacto.","8"

"Top Card","46 lbs","4 aces, spades on top. Horse & rider !","Sacto.","7"

"Valley","46 lbs","bronze title on checkerboard. Dynamic!","Suisun","10"

"Vina Vista","46 lbs","beauty! 3 pears over bridge, orchard!","Vacaville","18"

"Western Shore","46 lbs","Famous ""Flying Cloud"" schooner! Nice!","Hood","55"

"Westside","46 lbs","beautiful sunset valley, palm, orchards","Penryn","16"

"Wonder-ful","46 lbs","block title over neon-glowing pear","Upper Lake","7"

"Wonder-ful","strip","block title over neon-glowing pear","Upper Lake","4"

"Wylie","46 lbs","White title, on red band, blue label.","Santa Clara","5"

"Yuba Orchard","4/5","huge flag w/ pears and ""waving"" title","Marysville","4"

If you need more info about a certain label, feel free to contact us, and we can get you a description or two. And, if you prefer a collection of one of each different label, we can put that together for you and price it as a grouping with a nice discount. For those of you interested further in pear crate labels, there are many from Oregon and Washington, too, so check out those lists.

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