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My first listing on eBay, was March 17,1999, and today it is September 2006 over seven years and 3,000 sales later . What started out as a sceptical endeavor, has turned into a very comfortable side-line to my normal mail-order business and usic career. As eBay has perfected its methods and sevrices, I have tried to do the same. You have all had great suggestions and advice over the past years, and I thank you all for your help, support and patients. -- Pat Jacobsen

Here is a link to the home page of this label site "Fruit Crate Labels (dot) Com", where you can find out anything you ever wanted to know about label art, and see the lists of thousands of labels I have for sale through my site. The page you are looking at right now, is just one of nearly 100 pages inside this site, which includes texts of my books, galleries of images, price guides and lists, and so on. The main page has a convenient links-table to anywhere and everywhere in the site. And, the Sample Room page will take you to all the labels for sale! <Click this link> to go there. I look forward to seeing you.

For my ebay page which describes many other points about online label sales and auctions, please <click here>. Thanks

As recommended by Ebay, if you have any questions about a label or item we've listed on Ebay, please feel free to <email Pat> before the end of the auction. But I try to put up the pertinant information. So, if you need more info, or just wish to find out my qualifications, <click here>

Some of the labels I list, are quite rare and unusual, out of the mainstream of relatively common labels being sold on ebay. If it is "Rare", I will have a high opening bid figure. Whereas, "Common" labels will be treated the same way other dealers are selling them, inexpensively, with low opening bids. These prices may vary slightly from those in my Collector's Price Guide, but are usually based on that guide or one of my more current releases.

On really rare items, I may place a reserve. The reason is because there are many hundreds of "common" labels available from dealers around the Net. I offer these also, BUT, I also offer very rare items no one else has. If I place a reserve, it is because I just don't want to sell it at all for less than this reserve price. I will try to always say what the reserve in the item description, and a note about why! If you have any questions about how I assess the rarity of a label <click here>, or, vist my website through this link:

On a few occasions, I have more than one of the sale item. In that case, you may feel free to ask me if I have another, and if I do I can offer it to you for the winning price. However, I do not solicite "secondary" sales as a rule.

Pat Jacobsen, P.O. Box 791, Weimar, CA 95736-0791

Please make your payments within 5 business days of receiving my notice, so I receive it within 10 days of the close of the auction. Small check numbers, and/or low feedback requires a check hold of up to 10 days. It will help speed delivery if you include a copy of the email I send to winners, and make sure you put on the exact address you want me to send it to.


Shipments are made only after Buyer's check has cleared the issuing bank. This may take up to a week or so. Cashiers checks and postal money orders are preferred, and shipments will be made same day with these forms of payment. MAKE SURE TO PUT THE TITLE OF THE LABEL OR ITEM YOU WON ON THE CHECK'S COMMENT LINE or include a copy of the "winner email" which I will send you after your winning auction closes.

Once you get this email, you may just drop your check in the mail. Many people email me, and say they are going to send a check, giving me the shipping info in the email. I do not keep these emails, because of the bookkeeping headache they create. PLEASE just be sure to include your MAILING info with the check!!! This is the only info I use for shipping. I often get a check in the envelope, with no info, as if I am supposed to always instantly KNOW what the check is for. But many people use one name on ebay, another on their email, and another on their check. I can't guess who you are if you don't include the necessary info! There is a copy of the "Winner Email" below.

Every item sold on Ebay, will require $4.00 s/h. However, if you win more than one item in the same auction, they may be shipped together, and no extra charge will apply. I do not hold labels for group shipping weeks later (to save shipping costs). Each sale/auction is treated as an individual transaction and will be billed as such, unless you buy several in the same auction. If you win several items in the same auction, let me know and I may group them together.

I use the USPS for shipments, but I prefer to use the Post Office Priority Mail. USPS shipments will be sent First Class mail. The USPS has no item traching, so if it gets lost and/or does not arrive, I will institute a search for it only. If you desire additional services, such as "signiture required", or Insured mail delivery, the charges will be extra and paid by the buyer. ( I do not usually use UPS).

On items of great rarity, which sell for a higher price, I will probably opt to send it to you with a signiture required, because if it gets lost in the mail, I am not going to be able to replace it. So, I will have you sign for it. But, again, this is for expensive items.

Any three-dimensional items, glass items, or bulky items may be sent differently than the standard flat package I use for label shipments. If there is a difference, I will let you know in the email at the end of the auction.

This page contains the particulars for how I will conduct transactions for Ebay Auctions. However, these policies and fees for S & H differ slightly, from my overall policies at . For those, <click here>.

Because of the number of people I deal with, I can't always find the time to comment on every transaction. If you buy more than three items from me, I will try to make it a point to put in some feedback. But forgive me if I forget. I also may just take a week or three to get to it. But I always comment on my customers!

As far as feedback for my service is concerned, I believe feedback, thus a reputation, is earned over time. I think most highly of all my customers and clients, and hope they feel the same about me. I appreciate all feedback, good or bad. Thanks.

If you are interested in what other eBay users and buyers have to say about me, <please click this link>.

NEGATIVE OR HIDDEN FEEDBACK: reserves the right not to sell to any eBay users with insulting or negative feedback or hidden feedback (within the ebay agreement in those cases). I also reserve the right to refuse business to anyone at any time -- "No shoes, no shirt, no service." I may also charge you a $10.00 fee if you are a pain in the neck (that's a joke).


Typical Winner email message:

Congratulations! You have won an eBay auction from "Fruit Crate Labels (dot) Com"

-- Thank you for your business! -- Pat Jacobsen

Item Name(s):

Amount Due:$ (plus shipping & handling. See below. May vary for Dutch auctions.).

Please send payment within 5 days of end of auction to: "Pat Jacobsen" at the address below. Please include a copy of this email with your shipping address to speed delivery! Sorry, we don't accept credit cards, Paypal nor Billpoint. Please allow one week for delivery after payment recieved. For shipping info and other policies please click here. < >

We normally use US Postal Service First Class / Priority delivery, and charge a $4.00 shipping and handling fee for packaging and postage. For Insured Shipment or other Special Services beyond First Class U.S.P.S. delivery, then please include an additional $2.00, and we will send it Insured mail sor Certified mail, with a return reciept, requiring your signature. Buyer accept risk of loss on all uninsured parcels (I had to raise my rates in response to the USPS doing the same in January. Sorry!) However, I may chose to insure any parcel at my own expense and require a signed return receipt, just for my own peace of mind on rarer more expensive items. Dutch auction winners may pay slightly more due the the excessive weight of large quantities of bulk labels. If you have any questions or comments, please email or visit: Thanks again for your purchase!! -- Pat

STILL AVAILABLE: Pat Jacobsen's "Millennium Guide to Fruit Crate Labels", featuring over 5,400 current label prices, 800 illustrations and 440 pages of detailed information about all aspects of label art and collecting. Click here < >.

FYI: The "Fruit Crate Labels (dot) Com" website is not related to any other label websites! There is only one "Fruit Crate LabelS (dot) Com!" Please be sure to include the letter"S" in the name.

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