"Retail locations"

Ikeda's Since 1970, The Ikeda ("ee-ked-uh") family has been raising and selling fruit in the Auburn area of Placer county, just north of Sacramento on Highway 80. Today, the have perfectly located retail stores in Auburn, Sacramento and Davis, California, which feature Orchard Fresh fruits and vegetables, Tasty burgers and deli specials, home-made-pies of all kinds, and a host of other fabulous, fresh items.

And, since 1995, has been providing the Ikeda's stores with retail exhibits in the form of store-wide decorations, as well as boxes of individually packages, 100% authentic labels for collecting and decorating, and for thoughtful gifts.

Their stores are located at:


Ikeda's Orchard Fresh Fruit - Tasty Burgers

Orchard fresh fruit, tasty burgers and pie shop - specialty grocery
Located right off the freeway Highway 80, at Bowman Rd in Auburn, bext to Lou LaBonte's.
13500 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA. (530) 885-4243



Ikeda's - Davis (@Mace Blvd.)

Farm fresh produce, fresh baked pies, muffins and cookies, and specialty grocery
Located right off the Highway 80 Freeway at Mace Blvd in Davis. (You can see it from the freeway southbound lane on the frontage road next to the Mace Blvd. offramp.

26295 Mace Blvd., (916) 750-3379

Newcastle Produce One block from Highway 80 in South Auburn.



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