The following list is of labels I generally stock, although many are quite rare and are slowly disappearing. It is an above average representation of what is available to melon label collectors. Prices are based on my "Millennium Guide to Fruit Crate Labels" and on prices realized from eBay auctions in 1999. Prices and availability may change without notice on any of these titles. Because of the recent rise in popularity of melon label, especially those from Arizona, it has caused a series of new "finds" or newly discovered caches of labels. Several melon labels have come onto the market only recently, and are available in bundle quantities, like Blue Jack, Gunsmoke, Desert Call, First Grade, Admiral, Desert Lily and more. But the rarer labels, ones there are fewer than 30 or so known, are soaring in prices at auction. A really good collection of melon labels would have about 100 pieces in it. The list below offers a starting place.


"42nd Street","","cop, car, band, dancers, crowd, skyline","24"

"42nd Street","","big title on left N.Y city buildings, cars","22"

"American Beauty","","Beauty Rose w/ leaves on green background","20"

"Anaya Farms","","1/2 cant. over desert farm scene, big sky","8"

"Azhderian","9 x 11.5","gold statue of eagle & tall pillar, ribbon","5"

"Big City","","skyline of New York City w/ orange sky","4"

"Big Mc's","9.75"" long","1-1/2 cantaloupes on blk/blu, red title","25"

"Big Town","","Nightime city skyline, billboard, melon","8"

"Bobby","","Bobby's name across a blue background","5"

"Bud","6.5"" x 12""","red rose buds on green title.","7"

"Bungalow","6 x 13.5 blue label","woman on bench in front of Bungalow","10"

"Buxom","6 x 13"" large! Very RARE!","sexy gal in green swimsuit laying in grass","75"

"Cal-Heart","","script title points at Cal state, w/ heart","12"

"Capon","","Bright red cartoon rooster prancing","16"

"Carnation","","sprig of 5 red carnations w/ leaves. Nice","9"

"Castle Dome","","great picture of mountain, desert, cactus","35"

"Church","","Yellow gothic title, red label, blu church","15"

"Claude Maynard","","Vase w/ flowers, plate w/ 1/2 cant., field","12"

"Cleven Lands","","airbrush ""candy"" lettering, star/ geom.","7"

"Cock-i-too","","golden bird on a red ring, on deep blue bk","16"

"Cocksure","","Colorful rooster on fence crowing title","16"

"Conchas","","view of Conchas Dam and valley gardens","27"

"Del Rey Queen","","pretty blonde queen w/ jewels on throne","13"

"Desert Call" "indians on horseback on mesa. Gorgeous" "20"

"Desert Owl","","Big brown owl w/ big eyes, mntns behind","22"

"Desert Ranch","","palm, farm and ranch-houses, trees, nice!","18"

"Ekco","6. x 13.5""","boy in shirt and tie bellows at mountain","14"

"Everipe","","long thin cant./cut 1/2 cant, script title","14"

"First Flight","","4-motor plane flying thru red thunderheads","45"

"Flood","","Mountain, farm scene, big melon w/ slice","24"

"Foot High","","black label, sexy girl w/ leg up in green","10"

"Four Star","","big bold title w/ military bar of 4 stars","7"

"Friendly","","Friendly white dog with pigeon on his back","18"

"Garin-tee Gold-Seal","","nice script title over Bronzed ""gold"" seal","6"

"Gift","","red/white stripped gift, blue bow, tag","6"

"Ginger Boy","4.25 x 9.75""","jockey on racing horse in stadium","35"

"Glen Zona","","Golden block title across desert monument","18"

"Glint O Gold","","racy horse in corall , big golden title","16"

"Gold Harp","","bare breasted angel harp,music flows behin","15"

"Golden Pheasant","4.25 x 10.75","Big, colorful red Pheasant on blue. Great!","18"

"Golden Pheasant","5.5 x 14 ""","Big, colorful red Pheasant on blue. Great!","22"

"Good Bet","","4 horses/jockeys race across finish line","16"

"Good Morning","","colorful rooster crows name. Great image!","14"

"Gunsmoke","","title expoldes from gun barrel, red/blue","13"

"Hi Pietro!","","Italian fellow in blue suit yells title","7"

"Hilvert House","","coat of arms, w/ armor helmet on gold banr","9"

"Jo Jo","","painted joyful clown's face, w/ blue beenie","8"

"Kewpie","extremely rare!!!","two young Kewpies dance w/ long blu ribbon","70"

"Keystone","","Big red keystone logo and bold titling","6"

"King Solomon","","Smiling king on throne w/ sceptre, decree","28"

"Leo","4.25 x 10.75""","fierce growling lion, ""candy"" lettering.","20"

"Lucky","","BIg shamrock, blue ribbon, bold title","4"

"Mayzee Blue Label","","red labelk w/ yellow title","7"

"McLaren's","","blk/blue stripped label, 1-1/2 melons","24"

"Merritt's Blue Ribbon","","huge blue ribbon, bold text, red title","5"

"MGM","","bold titles & text over oval farm picture","6"

"Mrs. Wonderful","","pretty maid w/ bonnet & basket of melons","18"

"Murietta","","outlaw Juaqiun Murrietta w/ gun on horse","35"

"On Rush","4.25 x 10.75"" (1948)","racy girl's skirt lifts in wind., garters","15"

"Out of this World","","Apollo 8 orbiter capsule returns from moon","35"

"Palo Verde (green tree)","","big tree, river flows past valley scene","10"

"Pancho","","Pancho Villa smoking a cigarette! Great!!","30"

"Parker Dam","4.5 x 10","red label w/ famous dam on left side","38"

"Parker Dam","5.25 x 14""","red label w/ famous dam on left side","38"

"Peacock","6.5 x 13.75""","huge peacock. beautiful, on black bkgnd.","42"

"Ray-C","","famous race-horse on left, title on right","17"

"Red Coach Inn","","title on wood sign, fols in carraige, neat","15"

"Red Duck","7 x 11""","OLD stone print of red duck's head, wings","65"

"Rich-Field","","great! 1/2 melon over farm and field!","17"

"Saratoga","","blue label, big title, horse head looks rt","16"

"Scoop","","newsboy bellows title, art deco bkgrnd","14"

"South Pole","","bold title in sky below so. pole of Earth","16"

"Stock # 1076","","Mountain, farm scene, big melon w/ slice","8"

"Stock # 1168","","huge melon on limb on right, wood panel","15"

"Stock # 1263","","yellow sky, red mtn, poplars, text panel","4"

"Stock # 4003","","cowboy in saddled melon, red label","20"

"Stock # 885","","1/2 floats over big field scene, mtns,farm","5"

"Stock # 959","","central chevron w/ inset of mesa valley.","5"

"Stock # (no number)","","2 melons cut on green/yelo stripes","4"

"Sugar Sweet","","brite orange cut cant, candy lettering","7"

"Sugar Sweet","6 x 10.75","brite orange cut cant, candy lettering","6"

"Sun Beam","6 x 13","3 types big melons, big title, sun, fields","16"

"Sun Tone","","black label w/ big melons, yellow title","10"

"Sun-Blush, McClaren's","","red title, 1-1/2 melons, sun, mtns, fields","100.00"

"Suzy Bel","4.5 x 10""","blue label, smiling girl w/ bells in hair","9"

"Suzy Bel","4.5 x 10""","red label w/ smiling girl w/ bells in hair","12"

"Top-Bid","","melons, leaves, candy title on blue","12"

"Victory","small","red/white/blue: eagle's wings make ""V""","14"

"Vitafood","","Neat gold title, on blue line, red oval","8"

"Westward Ho","","scout w/ gun on horse, wagons, cactus","24"

"Winter Garden","","palms, fields, on right, title on left","10"

"Woo-Woo","10"" long","Marilyn Monroe, The ""woo-woo girl"" 1959","25"

"Woo-Woo","11"" long (Schmidt)","Marilyn Monroe, The ""woo-woo girl"" in 1959","25"

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