PATCO INTERNET SERVICES: Offer advice, links, information, etc., about developing web sites, getting online and promoting your business on the Internet and World Wide Web. For examples of what we can do to help your web presence, just review this site thoroughly, and make notes about what you do and don't like. Pat Jacobsen, webmaster and proprietor of, works on PCs and Macs, using a variety of software products, applications and tools, and has worked in network environments and on web development for many years. For information about site development and marketing on the World Wide Web, contact:

For more examples of how Patco Internet Services may be able to help you, please also visit, a web site dedicated to the promotion of independent musicians on the Internet. The development of was a collaberative effort between Pat Jacobsen, Brian Fries <Brainscan>, and Victor Scheunemann <rejobi Interactive Communications>. Click the banner below to visit the site:

Although Patco is not related directly to rejobi Interactive Communications we do highly recommend their expert services in corporate website design and implimentation, special effects, streaming audio and video,Intra-net applications, CDRom creation and other high-end digital products. Pat spent the past two years working with rejobi and before striking out on his own. is hosted on their servers. For more information on their services visit their World Wide Web sites at: or


BROWSERS are the window by which you and your computer experience the Internet, World Wide Web and all the fun stuff that is on them. In the past several years, myriad browsers have been released by many companies, most notably Netscape. And, on top of this, they have all had continual updates and new releases. Here are the basic browsers available for free. Click the buton below to get your updates.



To effectively use the Internet and Web, your computer has to have certain abilities and hardware. One exciting free software plug-in, is Shockwave. It is available at the button below. But to utilize it, there are some things you'll need.

1) The type of processor you have: 386, 486, Pentium, or Mac.

2) The amount of RAM you have available on your motherboard.

3) Having the SHOCKWAVE plug-in* installed in your browser.

4) Having a sound card and speakers! (and having them turned on & up)

5) The speed of your modem and Internet connection.

6) Your computer's particular operating system: Windows 3.0, 3.1, NT, Windosw 95, etc...; or Mac O/S 7.6, 8.0, PPC, 68k, etc. Different systems require a slightly different version of the plug-in.

(* Note: A "plug-in" is a small software application or "extension" which extends the abilities of your computer's regular programs. It is an additional feature which plugs-in to the larger program, thus, the term plug-in.)

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