In the past twenty years of searching for printing from California's lithographers, I have bumped into a number of old posters, advertising signs, and large, old art prints of many kinds. And, although more of a collector than a dealer, I have some of these pieces for sale for the first and only time. This page may turn out to be a "Gallery" of sorts. I'll put up items for sale on a rotating basis, rather than as a list. Some will sell quickly, others may not. And, an ocassional rare label will show up here, as a "lucky find" for those who visit and look around ;-{D

Here is an example or two, although these are not yet for sale, but just placekeepers.

(153k image) "Fallen Leaf Trail" Stone print, catalog cover, 1920s. 7X11
This image is the center of the art, there is more.

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