This list includes labels from California, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and elsewhere, but not Washington or Oregon. For Washington and Oregon, see their respective pages. Most are 7-1/2 " x 11" unless otherwise stated. Again, the prices tell the tale of rarity. Some of these are from the basement of one of San Francisco's premier label lithographers, and they are stamped on the back with the date of their creation. Not all, but some. In those cases there are fewer than 20 of each known. Others, are fairly common and available. If you are looking for something in particular that you don't see here, drop me a line <email Pat>

There is also an area for the stock label designs of the Louis Roesch Company, down at the end.


This list requires my completing a database of over 3,000 labels, which will take about three days or 30 hours to do. I will get to it as I can. -- Pat (Page last updated: 8.20./99)