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CRATE EXPECTATIONS PUBLISHING, is a division of Patco Enterprises and, which offers and ever-growing list of books and other forms of information for sale about labels and label collecting. In the past twenty years, several books have been released about labels of many different kinds, and other volumes are forthcoming. Some of these titles were writen by Pat Jacobsen, and others were prepared by other qualified historians and label dealers. Some of these titles may be out of print and you may need to contact a book-finding service, or the publishers themselves to track down copies. Books on the Cratex book list wll generally remain in print (until further notice). For books on other presses, an address will be given for our visitors to proceed with their inquiries. Cratex makes no guarantees about the availability of any books listed herein.

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"Pat Jacobsen's Millennium Guide to Fruit Crate Labels,"
ISBN# 0-9640703-2-4, Lib. of Congress Card # 99-096066

Just released February 2000, "Pat Jacobsen's Millennium Guide to Fruit Crate Labels" contains over 440 pages of illustrations and information for collectors, on every aspect of label collecting. Click here for the latest info! This new book incorp[orates all the best information from the previous volumes, and expands it. Pluse, there are over 5,400 current price listings for labels of all kinds. And, the book works in concert with this website, to open up the entire world of label collecting.>

"Pat Jacobsen's Collector's Guide to Fruit Crate Labels," (INSIGHT)* Thomas P. Jacobsen, 1994, Crate Expectations publishing, ISBN# 0-9640703-0-8, Library of Congress Card# 94-96071 :

This volume contains authoritative historical facts about labels, printing, collecting, agricultural marketing, and many other related topics. It was fifteen years in the making and contains 240 fact-filled, pages, and over 370 illustrations, label images and maps. It clearly discusses over 125 label related subjects.There is also highly detailed information about the lithographic companies who created labels, and the processes they used. Facts about the farming communities who used labels are also included. It also lends deeper and insight into the diversity of the art-form as an artifact of a century of American life. The price is $39.95, plus $2.00 postage and handling.


"Pat Jacobsen's First International Price Guide to Fruit Crate Labels" (INDEX)* Thomas P. Jacobsen, 1994, Crate Expectations Publishing Company, ISBN# 0- 9640703-1-6, Library of Congress Card# 94-96114:

Features a distilled history of labels and their use, plus a listing of over 9,000 different labels. This volume indexes over 9,000 individual, collectible labels for fast and easy reference. In this portable listing resource, collectors may quickly and easily identify labels in their own collections, and ones they may still be looking for. The price is $39.95, plus $2.00 shipping and handling. (NOTE: As of February 1999, this guide will be out of print, as a new guide is prepared.


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HILLCREST PRESS BOOKS : phone: (714) 751-4030 (All titles subject to availability.)

"Fruit Box Labels - A Collector's Guide" -- By Gordon McClelland and Jay Last. (1983)

"California Orange Box Labels" -- By Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last.

"Fruit Box Labels - An Illustrated Price Guide to Citrus Labels" -- By McClelland &Last


"Images of the Sweet Potato -- An American Art Form" By R. John Medley, Jr.

"Re:Cycling in Riverside" By Bill Gaylord

"The Label Made Me Buy It" By Ralph & Terry Kovel"

I also highly reccommend, the quarterly publication by Ada Fitzsimmons, known as the Paper Pile Quarterly

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(Including those featured above)

"The Wonderful World Of American Fruit Crate Art", Drukkerij Rosbeek, (Gielijn Escher), (private press in Amsterdam, Holland)

"Tradition And A Dime Will Get You A Cup Of Coffee", Sunkist, 1974

"Orange Crate Art", Laurie Gordon and John Salkin, Warner Books, 1976

" The Time Life Encyclopedia of Collectibles", Folk Art Volume, Time-Life Books, 1978

"The International Book Of Beer Labels, Mats & Coasters", Keith Osborne and Brian Pope, Chartwell Books, Inc., 1979

"California, Oregon and Washington Pear Labels", T.P. Jacobsen, Publisher, 1983

"Fruit Box Labels -- A Collector's Guide", Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last, Hillcrest Press, 1983

"The Story Of The Mission Bridge Brand", Lois Evans, Publisher, 1984

"California Orange Box Labels", Gordon McClelland and Jay Last, Hillcrest Publications, 1985

"Classic Crates From Florida", Florida Citrus Showcase, 1985

"The Art Of The Label -- Designs Of The Times", Robt. Opie, Chartwell Books, Inc., 1987

"The Art Of The Cigar Label", Joe Davidson, Longmeadow Press, 1989

"Fruit Crate Art", Joe Davidson, Wellfleet Press, 1990

"Alphabetical Label Book", Marilyn Blaisdell, Marilyn Blaisdell Publisher, 1991

"California Dreaming -- The Golden Age Of Label Art", Tom Fay and Adam R. Collings, Adam Randolph Collings Inc., 1993

"Fruit Box Labels - An Illustrated Price Guide to Citrus Labels" -- By McClelland &Last

"Images of the Sweet Potato -- An American Art Form" By R. John Medley, Jr.

"Re:Cycling in Riverside" By Bill Gaylord

"Pat Jacobsen's Collector's Guide To Fruit Crate Labels", Thomas Patrick Jacobsen, Patco Enterprises, 1994

"Pat Jacobsen's First International Price Guide To Fruit Crate Labels", T.P. Jacobsen, Patco Enterprises, 1994

"The Label Made Me Buy It" By Ralph & Terry Kovel"

* The prices and current availability of many of these titles is unknown, as several are out of print. Copies of these books have been printed in numbers fewer than any label and will eventually become collectors items themselves as reference materials. Books on other types of labels, such as luggage labels, beer labels, match-book covers and so forth also exist. Check with your local bookstore. More books on fruit labels will be coming out.


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