"Pentathic Merameters"
Music by multi-instrumentalists Pat Jacobsen and Bill Bentley

HASBEENWANNABEES --"Pentathic Merameters"
A Review by Joan Vetter

"Don't let their name or this CD's title fool or divert you. This album

is as rich as pop jazz gets. Vocalist Pat Jacobsen oozes the purity and

depth of great singers like Al Jarreau and Frank Senatra. There is a

pentrating familiarity about this exulting CD, you feel you've heard

this soundtrack... Somewhere? "Pentathic Merameters" stylistically

expresses a full range, from simple acoustic guitar and vocal on the

heart wrenching "Another Little Piece" to the knock down funky groove of

"You're Caught" or the sweeping orchestral serenade of "I Just Want to

Thank You." Bill Bentley and Pat Jacobsen may have been and may want to

be...but, What You should know is that they "are" truly gifted artists!

HASBEENWANNABEES CD "Pentathic Merameters" is a state of the art,

innovative, world class album that swings, bops and croons."

-- CD review by: Joyce Vetter, Wild Rose Records, Reno, Nevada
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(iambic pentameter (i'-am'bic), adj. [< Fr.or L.; FR. iambique; L. iambicus; Gr. iambikos],
of or made up of iambs. n1
. an iamb. 2. an iambic verse. 3. a piece of satirical verse written in iambs.
pentathic merameter -- see above, late night, around a campfire, too many beers.)


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