Everything is new! Since my last update, it is now June 2006 and the label world is very different than ever before. More dealers are on the Internet, and surprisingly, fewer label collectors are focusing on eBay, although many still do. Prices are changing in several fields of label collecting, and I am working on a new Price Guide to Label Collecting, which is an updated version of the Millennium Guide for 2007-08. It will have the Prices Realized from the Citrus label and Yam label auctions I have held this past year, and shall be the largest, most comprehensive listing ever made of label prices. Email me for updates. < click here >.

There are other new books coming out about labels, such as "Extra Fancy", the story of Washington's apple labels (co-authored by yours truly), and a companion volume I am publishing to complete the story. Click the link to learn more or to find out how to order both books. < click here >

Also, finally, after 25 years in preparation, a book about the colorful labels of Australia and Tasmania has been being released. < click here >.

Other news is to follow!


(page update 6/06)